Jamie Charest is a Canadian artist. He first stepped foot on a comedy stage in 1999. He walked into a restaurant that was holding a small weekly comedy contest. On a whim, he entered the contest and won three weeks in a row with his original material and vulnerable style. From there he began to develop an act at a local comedy club.

After spending almost two decades as a variety entertainer and street performer he is currently funnier than ever, performing stand up comedy on a regular basis at comedy clubs, theaters and private functions all throughout Western Canada. Jamie has been featured on The Disney Channel, CBC radio, performed at the 2010 Olympics, and has appeared in several independent and major films such as X Men 2, The Fantastic Four, and Final Cut featuring Robin Williams. He has recently worked with various internationally known comedians Mike MacDonald, Tom Green, and Steve O from Jackass.

Most recently Jamie is performing for children as a character named Felix Fumbleton. He is the author of over 10 original children's stories that provide valuable life lessons while filling the theater with fun and excitement for audiences of all ages.